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Manning Diversified Forest Products Ltd.

MDFP has its long term supply of fiber from Forest Management Agreement (FMA)#0200041, located north and west of Manning, Alberta. The FMA was issued to MDFP in 2002 and MDFP is responsible for forest management planning and operations on this tenure.

MDFP has achieved third party certification for sustainable forest management through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative to the SFI 2010-2014 standard.

MDFP has also achieved third party certification to the SFI Chain of Custody Standard.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Sustainable Forestry Initiative is a fully independent, charitable organization that manages the SFI 2010-2014standard. By adhering to this standard, MDFP demonstrates to its clients that MDFP meets the 20 objectives, covering 14 principles of the standard. Adherence to the standard is verified by a third party organization through annual audits.


Environmental Management System

MDFP is committed to: practicing sustainable forest management, protecting the environment and providing a safe workplace for employees, contractors and the public.

Western Canada SFI Implementation Committee

MDFP is a member of the Western Canada Implementation Committee (WCSIC). WCSIC's role is to promote sustainable forestry practices in Western Canada and increase public awareness of sustainable forest management.



Chain of Custody

MDFP is committed to ensure our operations track certified and non-certified wood products through the scope of our operation utilizing our Chain of Custody procedure. This commitment and process shall provide our customers with the knowledge that they are receiving products from their claimed origin. MDFP's commitment is communicated to staff through training, customers by providing access to our certificate upon request, the public on our company website and the communication of our Environmental and SFI Policy and Chain of Custody procedure through training of our employees.